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book covers by kim ratz motivational speaker trainer singer songwriterFrom here you can go to the page describing the gift books for dads to give their daughters & sons --

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Kim's music CD: "Positively Yours"

CD cover by Kim Ratz motivational speaker trainer singer songwriterA collection of original songs Kim has used in his keynotes and seminars, and a few fun ones thrown in too ... Easy listening, upbeat and motivational songs to help you relax, feel hopeful again, and more motivated to achieve your life roles and goals. Titles include:

  • Positively Yours
  • Choose to Be a Player
  • If its To Be it's Up to Me
  • Children Are The Future
  • Do What You Like, Like What You Do
  • Thanks for What You Do, This One's for You
  • Tucumcari Tornado
  • I Kicked Nicotine In The Nic-o-time!
  • Banana Blues
  • Alaska - Land of the Freeze, Home of the Brave, & the Worlds Biggest Skeeters!

$10.00/cd (includes tax) Click here to order a CD

Kim's music CD: "The Fun & Frenzy of Fatherhood"

CD cover by Kim Ratz motivational speaker trainer singer songwriterA collection of 20 original songs Kim has written for his audiences of parents, providers and partners who work with children, including music written for the video series, "Successful Parenting." A sample of titles include:

  • Children Learn What They Live
  • Two Ears and One Mouth
  • Succes Starts in the Early Years
  • Consequences, Consequences
  • The Fun & Frenzy of Fatherhood
  • Mommy and Daddy Aren't Together Anymore
  • Plus 14 more songs about kids, and working with kids!

$10.00/cd (includes tax) Click here to order a CD

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Kim Ratz, Speaker-Trainer-Troubadour-Author
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