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kimratz adds music to all his programs to inspire people and help improve skills First -- Kim listens to the leader or meeting planner to learn as much as he can about your group so he can figure out how to give you a great program and -- return on this investment. He asks about your attendees, what they do, what their current issues and opportunties are, what things are like now, and what the vision is. Then Kim customizes a program that's practical, relevant and responsive to your goals and desired outcomes.

Each of Kim's programs are a customized balance of original songs, storytelling, humor, explanation, audience participation, and self reflection, and Kim delivers each program in a sincere, down-to-earth style that people feel comfortable with and enjoy; it feels like he's having a conversation with everyone in the room ... You can also visit his "Clients & Comments" page to see what his many satisfied customers say about his message, style and results achieved.

Keynote Title: "Tons of Tips & Tunes for Thrivers"

(note: Kim uses your event theme in the title whenever possible, and has previously titled the program: "Success is Liking What You Do"; so the title is flexible and adaptable ...)

An inspiring, empowering message to help you open or close your conference on an upbeat note, or as the featured message at a special event, that inspires people to want to do more than "just get by" but to "Thrive!" in their jobs. This energetic, engaging & effective presentation reviews important "attitude tools" everyone should have in your toolbox to help you be more resilient and keep your resolve when facing adversity and uncertainty, and self-motivated to act.

"It's not so much what happens, it's more what you do." Easier said than done, especially when you face a change, challenge or conflict regarding someone or something important to you. It's about making good choices so that at the end of the day when you look back on your choices - what you did/said and how you did/said it - you feel content, not regret. Because sometimes you only get one chance; there's no "do-ever." So if it's important, it's about being Congruent, by aligning your Attitudes (beliefs & values), with your Aptitudes (skills & abilities) and your Actions (words & deeds), and doing what you think is the right/best thing, and doing the best you can. This program is designed to help participants get inspired again about what you CAN do better, learn techniques to help you "Reframe the Situation" and "Manage your own Morale," and create a personal goal that helps you be even more congruent in your job, and relate even better with others.

This program can be offered as a 60-75 minute keynote, up to a half-day general session.

OR -- You might prefer this more light-hearted yet purposeful keynote option:

Keynote title: "There's Always SOME-thing!

Despite all the "easy buttons" offered to us these days, and a sense that we should always be in control and have things on our terms -- "Stuff happens!" There IS always SOME-thing. And if you happen to be lucky and have someone who you care about, chances are good that even when life is good for you, SOME-thing is happening to them, which then impacts you. And then there's work, and all your coworkers and customers. So you really need to be good at being resilient, so you can be good at your important life roles and goals, like your job! Using songs, stories, and an occasional sense of silly, Kim shares a light-hearted look at how life seems to ensure there's always SOME-thing to knock you down or keep you up at night, and then several skills and strategies to help you keep your stress down, and morale up! This program provides your attendees with a fun opportunity to:

  • Be more aware of the many things that cause your stress so you can be more proactive and minimize stress in the first place, and better able to respond when stress happen again;
  • Better understand what happens in our body and mind when stressful things happen, why we react like we do, and the ways the mind is also hard-wired to help us respond and stay in control;
  • Review 12 practical and effective techniques to trigger the "Relaxation Response," so you can keep your stress down and morale up the next time "stuff happens," because there IS always SOME-thing!

Workshop title: Playing Nice in the Sandbox

Kim's Teamwork & Customer Service seminars (they're very similar skills, just with different groups of people) help people in ANY kind of job strengthen their attitudes, aptitudes and actions that help them communicate and interact more effectively with coworkers and customers.

While most people come to work ready to do a good job and act like an adult, sometimes "stuff happens," and whether intentional or not, not all your coworkers and customers will play nice at ... Your workplace is a busy place, and people are often in a hurry and with a lot on their mind ... Add to that the fact we are living in a radically changing world and all the stress this creates, PLUS all the different "styles" people use to communicate and relate to others -- it's no wonder that sometimes people feel like lines get crossed, toes get stepped on, and buttons get pushed! Our Attitudes, Aptitudes and ACTIONS in how you relate to co-workers and customers are key to success! This workshop helps you better understand the many kinds of style differences you encounter every day, and several skills and strategies that help you bridge these style gaps by learning how to "Flex your own style." Examples of skills that can be covered: Identifying some of your own communication styles and traits, and learning how to reframe what you might perceive as "conflicting" styles into "complementing" styles; how to flex your own style to overcome gender, generation and other style differences in the workplace; Dealing with change as a team, Giving and receiving feedback, Conflict resolution, and Developing group norms.

This workshop can be offered as a half or full-day program; the minimum time needed is 90 minutes.

Workshop title: People Don't Leave Jobs - They Leave Bosses

It's a no-brainer how important it is to recruit, hire and retain great employees if you want the organization to provide great service. Most leaders "get" that its disruptive to the team and services provided when you are short-staffed, especially when one of your best and brightest leaves to go somewhere else, and that it takes time and money to look for the replacement and train them and get them up to speed, all the while hoping they will be an asset rather than a liability to the team and organization. Now there is research suggesting a new issue that needs focus or you are at risk of driving your best and brightest out the door: a growing trend that highly talented and valued employees are willing to leave a job they otherwise like for one primary reason: the boss is unfair, ineffective or "toxic!" The job market has improved, and people don't feel as trapped in their job as before. And some feel so strongly they'll risk unemployment rather than continue to work in that office for that boss anymore. So good leaders today need to be more intentional than ever before about what they do & say so their best and brightest don't leave a job they otherwise love for one reason: YOU. This program is designed to help leaders better understand some aspects of your own leadership style and traits, and ways to expand your range of styles so that you can be more effective with each individual employee and their unique situations and performance.

This program can be offered as a 90 minute workshop, up to a half or full-day program.

Workshop title: How to Thrive in a Radically Changing World

They used to say that only two things in life are certain: death and taxes. There is now a 3rd thing that is certain, and that thing is: Change. "Its not so much what happens, but more what you do." Easier said than done, but doable. So if you want to do more than just "get by" and always react in a radically changing world, you need to look at ways you can not only "cope" with change, but even "Thrive." We'll break down the change and transition process, and review the skill of "Reframing the Situation" ...You are also trying to create change in some form or fashion, so this can be applied to helping you be more effective in facilitating those changes. We'll examine some recent research advancing the notion of "anti-fragility" or being more resilient to what the researcher calls "black swans" -- isolated events that are highly consequential (think 9-11, Katrina, Enron, etc.). This research compels organizations to develop ways to be less fragile and more resilient by adopting new philosophies and practices, attitudes and actions.

This program can be offered as a 90 minute workshop, up to a half or full-day program.

Other Topics Available --

Kim shares some additional expertise by offering workshops to cover the following topics. They are also based on the core message in the keynote, and some of them further build on the content skills covered in the "Sandbox" program above. All of these workshops are designed with approximately 2-3 hours in mind, and some can be done in 60 minute formats to fit a concurrent workshop timeframe at a conference or convention. Kim can send you more information about the description and content of these programs if you are interested. The additional topics include:

  • Attitude & Challenge: Fight or Flight or Find a New Flow

  • Collaboration: Collaboration & Community Involvement Strategies for the 21st Century

  • Public Relations: PR is Not a Bad Word

  • Teamwork: Rx for Members of Boards & Committees

  • Parenting: The Fun & Frenzy of Fatherhood

  • Childrens Advocacy: Making Children Top Priority

  • A unique and dynamic group process: Open Space Technology
    (note: This process gets people involved in topics they care about, they can get a lot of things accomplished or at least started in even a short period of time, and it's a great way to wrap up a day long program. PLUS - it's a process technique that's easy for participants to learn so they can use it again in their own work.)

  • General/Fun: Songwriting workshop

  • Other Unique Services: Emcee, Amateur Auctioneer, & Other Roles as Able

If you're interested in a description of any of these additional programs just let Kim know what you want and he'll be happy to send you the information.

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