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For leaders and meeting planners
who need an engaging presenter to
enlighten & motivate your team at
your next Conference or In-service.

Summary of Presentations, with links to Demo Videos

For Conferences -- consider my "All-Inclusive Keynote Package," which includes:

  • A motivating, upbeat keynote to open or close your conference,
  • Plus two (2) concurrent workshops to add to your offerings,
  • Plus a customized song(s) to start the keynote (I use your conference theme if possible in the title and lyrics),
  • Plus a special song ("Thanks for all You Do - This One's for You") to share at your awards event, if you have one.
  • All this included, along with anything else I can do to help, for up to two (2) full days, is included in the affordable fee for my kenote. Discounts apply for many educational and non-profit organizations.

Each keynote is customized with your specific group in mind: who is in the room and what they do, group size, the amount of time available, and your goals and desired outcomes. I always begin with a song I write to sing the group's praises and the difference you make when you do your jobs well, as I also introduce key ideas I'll be talking about. The focus is on practical content -- skills and techniques such as how to manage your own morale, reframe the situation, see ways to be more grateful, and be more congruent, resilient and effective in your important life roles and goals, like your job. I use stories, songs and an occassional sense of humor to keep the learning environment fun, while I also guide you to reflect on your attitudes and actions when you face change, challenge, conflict and chaos, and review ways to help you bring your best YOU to your job and the people you serve.

Keynote Titles often used (unless it works to use your conference theme in the title):

For In-Services & Workshops:

Like my keynotes, each workshop is customized for every group -- who is in the room and what you do, and the training goals and desired outcomes. And the workshops below have been refined and retooled continuously to be responsive to the needs of people who work in schools, as well as other non-profit organizations serving children and families.

Playing Nice in the Sandbox
You can't change anyone else, or control a lot of what happens at work, so the best you can do is: Do your best, and have a positive influence on others around you. This workshop helps you learn about the many style differences you encounter every day, as well as your own communication styles, and how to flex your style to make style differences more manageable. We also review many other teambuilding and relationship skills to help your team improve teamwork and customer service, to keep you sandbox a great place to work, and serve your students, customers and stakeholders.

People Don't Leave Jobs - They Leave Bosses
After helping people identify some of their own leadership styles and traits, this workshop reviews many "best practices" to help leaders reflect on their own leadership style, and identify ways to improve and expand their skills to hep them avoid being the boss who drives the best and brightest employees out the door to work for someone else!

How to Thrive in a Radically Changing World Click for demo video
Change is certain, and being able to manage your transitions when change happens is becoming an increasingly important life skill, not to mention in the workplace. This workshop helps remind teams about the dynamics of change and why it can be unsettling at times, and more importantly -- we review ways to reframe the situation so that in addition to seeing what is changed, or gone, you also see opportunity and possibility, and hopefully -- better ...

PR is NOT a Bad Word
Most of the people in groups I work with are so busy doing a good job, which is 75% of good PR, that you don't take time to work on the last 25%: "Tell people your story." This workshop gives participants a chance to review and discuss many PR "best practices" and see ways to bring practical PR plans and practices to your school or organization.

Rx for Members of Boards, Councils & Committees
If you take a group of several individuals, each of whom is very competent in whatever he or she does, and put them together and call them a "group, committee, council or board," it's pretty predictable what will happen. Committees have a life of their own, so we discuss what effective committtees take time to talk about, called the "3 Rs": Who do I Represent, What are my Roles & Responsibilities, & Who do I need to have a good Relationship with to get the job done?

Collaboration & Community Involvement Strategies for the 21st Century
This workshop is another review of "best practices" to help schools and other organizations collaborate with each other, and enable more community involvement in how you operate. Following a review of some common elements that foster community engagement and collaboration we discuss application to your school or organization and brainstorm ideas for challenges being faced.

The Fun & Frenzy of Fatherhood
This workshop celebrates the unique contributions and roles dads bring to their children and parenting, and ways to encourage more dads to get more involved. We also explore some of the reasons why dads and moms often approach parenting differently and tips to turn what could be "conflicting" parenting styles into "complementing" styles, and ways dads and moms can improve communication and teamwork regarding discipline, your child's success in school, and your continuing education as your child grows and changes. This program can be offered to dads only, or dads and moms.

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