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Frequently Asked Questions

kimratz adds music to all his programs to inspire people and help improve skills Who does Kim usually present to?

Most of Kim's audiences are people in the "helping professions" - education, human services, government, and service industries. His single biggest client group is education - he works with educators of all roles in schools, school districts, educational organizations and professional associations. Because of his extensive work with lifelong learning systems, he's worked with learners from "cradle to casket," "womb to tomb," including early childhood and prenatal educators to adult basic, continuing and higher education and all levels between for more than two decades, so he understands what those people do. Yet his message also relates to any professional who has to meet challenging goals and interact with many people, including "difficult people."

His audiences also include young people - including teenagers working on leadership and community service goals (ask about his "Songwriting workshop" and some of the songs written by young people he's worked with), and even little kids when he mostly sings and does the "Hokey Pokey."

Does he speak to national level organizations? How about local and state groups?

Yes, Yes and Yes. His audiences include local groups, agencies, organizations and schools, and also state, regional and national associations. His audienced have numbered from a half dozen to thousands, and range from Alaska and Canada, to Florida and Texas and many places between. He inquires and learns about your organization, what your issues and opportunities are, and what you hope to accomplish at your event. His customized messages apply to everyone, and he finds ways to tie it directly to the type of things people in the audience can relate to.

What does it mean - "the Speaker who Sings?"

Music is a great teaching tool - it helps emphasize key points, engage the audience and energize the message. Live, original music (singing with guitar) suits Kim's style of entertaining while also telling a story. People listen more, and remember more. Music helps create an environment where people have fun while they learn, so they get more from it. Kim realized this was a good "tag line" when someone who had heard him speak and sing many years earlier could not remember his name or the name of the program, but she remembered a song I sang and nailed it from memory and said, "You're that speaker guy who sings." I began to hear it so many times it just kind of stuck ...

How much time is needed for the programs?

The amount of time will vary depending on several things. The times range from a minimum of 45 minutes for a keynote, or 2-3 hours, to half-day, full-day, or even multi-day seminars and retreats. Kim will help customize an agenda that works within your time frame, is responsive to the group's issues and opportunities, and will provide maximum benefits to your participants.

How long has Kim been in business?

Kim started his business as a sole proprietor in 1994 as a consultant and trainer, working mostly with local schools and community education programs in MN. By 1997 he was being invited to speak at conferences, and his business has grown steadily through "repeat and referral" by satisfied customers. In 1998 he began to use the term "Speaker, Trainer, Singer-Songwriter" to describe his business, and in 2000 he became an international speaker when he presented at an international conference in Vancouver, BC, Canada. He has given thousands of presentations (see a list of Clients.) He has been a member of the National Speakers Assocation since 1996 and regularly participates in programs to foster his own professional growth and expertise.

What is Kim's background?

Kim worked in the field of Community Education for two decades; he was a coordinator or director of community education for school districts in: Eugene, OR, Juneau and Fairbanks, AK, and Hopkins and Brooklyn Center, MN, worked eight years with the Alaska Dept of Education, and served as an Executive Director of an Adult Learning Center. Through most of these years he also served in other leadership roles, including: PTA President, Juneau School Board member, and officer with several state associations in Alaska and MN. For more information, you can also view a copy of his Resume.

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