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For leaders and meeting planners
who need an engaging presenter to
enlighten & motivate your team at
your next Conference or In-service.

What is Kim's core message?

You can't control a lot of things that happen in the world, including the workplace, so it's not so much what happens -- it's more what you do. Yet you do have 100% control over your attitude, and while it isn't always easy, there are rewards to being congruent and resilient. Another key part of the message for the workplace is: you can't change anyone else, so just do your best and try to be a positive influence. Exercise an "attitude of gratitude," and be good at reframing the situation and managing your own morale. "Dont cry because it's over - smile because it happened." (Dr. Seuss)

And importantly -- I customize each program to your event theme, who is in the room and what they do and what they need, the amount of time, what else is going on, among others ...

What Makes Kim unique / different?

First, it's the music. Every presentation begins with a song Kim writes to start on an upbeat note, sing the praises of the people in the audience, and help them "tune in" to the topic that follows. Second, it's Kim's relaxed and down-to-earth style, and willingness to do anything he can to help while he's there. Third, it's his interest in meeting the clients needs and goals, and attention to detail in the customized program he designs and delivers with each group in mind.

Who does Kim usually present to?

People who work in schools, and in other organizations that serve children and families -- because Kim was a Director of Community Education in his first 20-year career, and Kim loves kids. So he continues to specialize in working with people who work in schools, and other organizations that serve kids. If you work in a school, Kim understands your job and how you contribute to the school mission of student success; he understands the issues and opportunities you face, whether you're a teacher or custodian, bus driver or principal, superintendent or cook, secretary or administrator. And because he worked in Community Ed. he developed programs for all ages groups ranging from early childhood and parent education, to K-12, to post-secondary and continuing education, and worked closely with many other agencies and organizations who collaborated with schools to better serve children and families. This is why many of Kim's customers are in related "helping professions" such as recreation, community and human services, health care, and public safety.

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What kinds of groups hire Kim?

Kim's customers range from individual schools and organizations, small to large and everything in between, to associations at the state, regional and national levels that offer professional development conferences. His audiences have ranged in size from 5 people, to 1,500, and he's travelled to 44 U.S. states , 1 U.S. territory, and 4 Canadian provinces to share his presentations.

What does "Troubadour" mean?

Once upon a time, before social media, and even before radio and print media, one of the mediums used to convey a message was via a troubadour who rode on horseback from town to town and sang songs to share news and entertain. I like to sing and play guitar, so ever since my first client in 1994 I've sung a song to start the presentation on an upbeat note, sing the praises of the group I'm speaking to, and use key words to help them "tune in" to the topic which follows. I also compose a song to conclude each presentation by summarizing key points, and end the program on an upbeat note. You may forget my name, and a lot of what I say, yet you'll remember certain lines from the song, and it's a great teaching tool, as well as a way to keep things fun and light ...

Kim Ratz, Speaker-Trainer-Troubadour-Author
Successfully sharing stories, songs and skills since 1994.