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July isn't just "mid-summer" anymore, it's --

"National Make a Difference
to Children Month"

Calling all parents, providers and partners who care about kids to Make a Difference to Children in 4 key ways:

1. Pick one (or more) event or activity to do with a child (in addition to your own children; a child you know, and whose parents know you) -- that will make some kind of positive difference or impact on that child. A list with 100+ ideas for home, work, your place of worship, & in the community to make a positive difference to children can be found at: 100+ Ways to Make a Difference to Children.

2. Support an organization that serves children ...It could be your local community education dept or public schools, YMCA, Boy or Girl Scouts, place of worship, park and recreation or any other organization that serves kids. Your support might be as a volunteer, or a financial donation. They're all non-profits, and in today's economy they need your support!

3. Tell your policy makers to support initiatives that are good for kids ... like your school board, city council, county commissioners, state legislators & congressional delegation; summer is generally a more relaxed time to communicate with them. Share your own story about Making a Difference to Children ... and WHY it's important to support programs for children ...

4. Tell other people about this campaign ...like your neighbors, relatives, friends, people at work, worship, school or play - Print out this one page flyer and post ... Forward the e-mail you received with the link to this page to others who would be interested and act ...

This is a grass roots call to action to all adults who care about children!

adult and child holding handsThinking back to your childhood, who are the adults you remember - teachers, neighbors, people at your place of worship, relatives? Could you be that kind of adult who makes a positive difference to a child today? You can involve children of any and all ages, it can be with one child, or groups large or small. The possibilities are endless and timeless, and you'll have fun too!

"Societies are often judged by how they treat their children."

Kim Ratz

A long-time advocate for children, Kim Ratz has proudly sponsored this annual observance since 2006, encouraging all parents, providers and people who care about kids to find ways to Make a Difference to Children in July, and year-round. For more FREE info: