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** Pay by Check; mail with this Order Form
** Use your PayPal account; see instructions below in #3.
** Your satisfaction guaranteed, returns will be refunded; contact me for instructions.
** Questions? (952) 938-4472 -- kimratz@aol.com.

1. Check which item(s) you want to Order:

____ * Book: "To My SON - Do You Believe?"
____ * Book: "To My DAUGHTER - Do You Believe?"
____ * CD: "Positively Yours" - Songs for Work & Life
____ * CD: "Songs for Successful Parenting"

* Postage, $2.63/item: Not during COVID; I'll cover that!

Quantity, @ Kim's COVID-Special Price*
(normally $10/item, now $7.95/item, tax incl.)
(#)___ x $6.95 = $_____
(#)___ x $6.95 = $_____
(#)___ x $7.95 = $_____
(#)___ x $7.95 = $_____

Plus postage = $ 0.00

Total Amount Due: $ _______

2. Clearly print the mailing address to send your order:

Name: _____________________________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________________

City/State/Zip: ______________________________________________________

email: _____________________________________ Phone: _________________

3. Place and Pay for your Order:

* By CHECK: Mail this completed Order Form with check payable to "Kim Ratz" to: Kim Ratz, 3665 Woody Lane, Minnetonka, MN 55305.

* By PAYPAL: FIRST -- scan your completed Order Form and attach the PDF to an email to me so I know what you want and how to get it to you (PayPal only processes the payment, not the Order).
OR -- Include this information in an email to me so I know your order:
1. What item(s) you want and how many of each?
2. What's the total amount to be paid using PayPal?
3. What's your name, mailing address, city/state/zip, email, and phone #?

Paypal logo Send me the email (kimratz@aol.com) with your Order Form attached, or summarize your Order so I know what to send and where, then click here to go to PayPal for payment:
Thank You! Your Order will be shipped when PayPal payment is verified.

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