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After 50 years of work, the transition to retirement has begun ...

Gradually, and nicely, my business is slowly down as I transition into retirement after 50 years of being blessed with doing work I love. I stopped marketing 11 months ago, yet this year has been busier than I thought it would be with many past clients asking for "just one more presentation, please?" Through the year it added up, and I enjoyed my 2nd busiest "back-to-school" season in August with 9 workshops to different groups of educators gearing up for another new school year. I can't say "no." Yet. I still enjoy what I've been doing and it's been satisfying when people in the audience tell me how my programs helped them in some way.

So, as I continue to spend more time relaxing, traveling and actually acting retired, I'll continue to consider any request for a presentation on a case-by-case basis. The only thing I plan to do is continue coaching to a limited number of individuals who are interested in improving their leadership and relationship skills. Then, if someone invites me to do a presentation, and I'm not traveling somewhere, I'll consider it. And instead of my quarterly e-Newz to 5,000 people, I sent out a few blogs ("Finding Your Flow") to a much smaller list of people who want to continue to read these occassional thought-streams. You can subscribe if you'd like by using the link on the left panel of this web page.

And as long as I'm accepting invitations to share my message, I continue my resolve to share some serious skills to help you succeed even more in your important life roles and goals, while also including stories and original songs to keep it fun and engaging. Each presentation is customized to ensure you and your team find ways to improve your:

  • Attitudes, Aptitudes & Actions in your job,
  • Ability to positively influence others,
  • Ability to deal with change and transitions,
  • Teamwork, Customer Service, & Leadership,

And yes, these programs are all available as virtual presentations in case you are unable to gather people together in-person.

Here's my promise to every customer since I started in 1994:

You must be at least satisfied with my services or you don't pay my fee, only travel expenses.
I'm proud to be able to state that since 1994,100% of my 620+ customers have paid me, and it's my plan to sustain that record until my final presentation.

We have been privileged to have Kim provide two workshops (virtually) for our staff and look forward to many more! Kim can provide a thought-provoking positive workshop addressing difficult topics in a positive and professional manner. Our first workshop was held when staff returned to onsite work after working remotely for several months. He provided positive steps, and thought provoking discussions which resulted in a positive outlook when returning to the site. Staff feedback was that they would have liked to have him in person, and they could have listened to him all day! Staff took the activities and incorporated them into their daily routines. In his second workshop, "Playing Nice in the Sandbox," he gave us all the opportunity to look at our communication style, our strengths, and areas we could work on. This new skill gave us the opportunity to interact with our peers, parents, family members and understand what they need when communicating and how to manage our own morale. When you book a workshop with Kim, you book not just a presentation, but a self-improvement experience which makes you want to be a better person! Enjoy your time with Kim; we certainly do. - Meg Saunders, Vice President of Children's Services, OCEAN Inc., Toms River, NJ

Kim Ratz is absolutely fantastic to work with! We invited him to be our Keynote speaker and conduct a few breakouts during our Annual Conference and our attendees are STILL talking about him. Kim used his creativity and even wrote an original song to fit the theme of our conference and performed it during his opening Keynote session. Attendees were even singing along, that's how engaging Kim was! The School Nutrition Association of Wisconsin highly recommends Kim Ratz as a speaker for your next event! - Jessica Trippler, Association Director, School Nutrition Association of Wisconsin

Mr. Ratz's presentation was engaging, humorous and real to life. It was like talking to a friend with something important to say. He provided great tips on dealing with parents, students and co-workers. I would recommend Mr. Ratz as a presenter to anyone who works in school district transportation and with both the public and co-workers. - Keith Chrans, President, Wyoming Pupil Transportation Association

What a wonderful workshop and presenter! Kim has the ability to connect and motivate people with his own life stories. He is genuine with his words, message, and praise to staff regarding the hard work they do each day. Kim does his research and understands his audience. He relates to the OST (Out of School time) staff and understands the many relationships that are part of each day. He gives insight, motivation and confirmation regarding the staff connections with youth, families, school personnel and the community. At the end of the program, attendees were laughing, happy and inspired to continue to grow and be the best they can be. Kim's unique connection with people makes him a wonderful trainer for building and connecting a team. - Theresa Wynn, Program Supervisor, Hopkins ISD 270 Kids & Company/OST

Kim Ratz, Speaker-Trainer-Troubadour-Author
Successfully sharing stories, songs and skills since 1994.