In addition to Kim's workshop, "The Fun & Frenzy of Fatherhood,"
Kim features these gift books from dads to sons & daughters ...

Kim's book covers

Dads - here's a great gift idea for your daughters and sons (teen or older so they'll appreciate and understad what you are sharing) on a special occasion you choose, like a graduation, confirmation, going off to college, a birthday, or for a holiday gift. It could also be for an older child -- when they get married, or become parents. These books have a lot of thoughts I know you've had in your heart, yet they may not have ever come out of your mouth, and your children would love to hear more of them ...

As a special feature -- at the end there are two blank pages where you can write your own thoughts from the heart that weren't mentioned in the book. For just a little more than you would pay for a fancy gift card on a special occasion you can say S-O much more. Buy one for each child today so you're ready for that special moment when you want to create that special connection.

Comments from buyers:

"Thanks for writing this book. It expressed a lot I feel about my kids, but haven't said. These thoughts from the heart are so simple and straightforward I can talk about them, and it's opened the door to some great conversations with my sons."
- Frank H., Minneapolis, MN

"I know you wrote this book for dads, but I'm very grateful too. It gave my husband a way to share some things so our kids knew how he feels about them, but doesn't always put into words. It was heart-warming to watch how they responded when he read it to them, as you suggested. And it made me wonder:'What haven't I been sharing with my kids?' Thank you."
- Patti S., Burnsville, MN

"To My Daughter (and "To My Son") - Do You Believe?
Thoughts From Your Father's Heart",
by Kim Ratz & Rafael Ramos,
BeaversPond Press, Edina, MN. 112 pages, 4.25x6". SRP: $10.
All rights reserved by Kim Ratz; Sons 2001; Daughters 2003.

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