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kimratz adds music to all his programs to inspire people and help improve skills

Several demo clips for your viewing:

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  1. "Being Congruent" (6:18)
    This is my core message and how I start most keynotes; it's based on the premise that you can't change anyone else or be responsible for what others say or do. All you can do is: Do what you think is the best/right thing, Do the best you can, and Be a positive influence on others ...

  2. A Fun Customer Service Story (9:27)
    Here's a fun story about why good service really stands out these days, and how little it takes to knock someone's socks off with great service.

  3. "Whitewater Snorkeling"(5:00)
    is a story to remind you that you usually deal with "change" much better than you originally think you can, followed by more tips on how to be more confident and competent in your choices re: change and transition ...

  4. "Hand in Hand Together We Build a Better World"(1:15)
    I always start my keynotes and workshops with a song to help emphasize key points, engage the audience, sing the praises of the people in the audience, and start on an upbeat note. This is a song I wrote for the Missouri Head Start Association, using their conference theme, to begin the luncheon keynote ...

Some Recent Song Samples:

You can listen to the following samples of some of the many customized songs I've written and composed to a client's theme, or to introduce key points I'll elaborate on with stories and examples. I compose all lyrics and guitar music, and often include accompanyments I create using my keyboard and/or Garageband software; all music is recorded in my home studio. I can compose unique lyrics for your group and bring music just like this to your event:

  • Song sample for early childhood group in Kentucky:
  • Song sample for Head Start group in Illinois:
  • Song sample for Afterschool group in Colorado:
  • Song sample for Head Start group in Florida:
  • Song sample for Community Ed. group in Texas:
  • Song sample for Head Start group in Oregon:
  • Song sample for School District employees in Minnesota:
  • Song sample for School Business Officials in Alaska:

The Colorado Community Action Assoc. used the music I arranged for the songs I shared at their conference, as the soundtrack for a YouTube slideshow they assembled and sent to attendees afterwards. This could be a great idea for your group too! To see this 3:54 clip: Conference Slide Show with Kim Ratz's music as soundtrack

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