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kimratz adds music to all his programs to inspire people and help improve skills

Why Hire a Professional Speaker?

When choosing a speaker for your next event, you'll have many concerns:

  • Will the audience enjoy the speaker's presentation?
  • Will the audience receive the message I want them to get?
  • Will there be hidden costs involved with this speaker?
  • Will the speaker make me look good?
  • And, unfortunately -- Will the speaker even show up?

When you hire me you can rest assured you've hired a professional! As a member of the National Speakers Association (NSA) I've joined a group of dedicated individuals concerned with the interests of all who come in contact with the profession.

As a professional speaker, this is my pledge and promise to you - that I will live up to these 10 standards as I work with you and your organization.

10 reasons to hire Kim:

  • Kim is an expert - - he's well known for his attitude of THRIVING, his resiliency and ability to manage his transitions during times of change, challenge and conflict, and especially known for his ability to build relationships with people. He excels in his content because he "walks his talk"; Kim models his points and can help you incorporate these strategies in practical ways that will work for you daily.

  • Kim is a professional - he not only shares strong content, he does so in an ethical, professional and effective manner. As an active member of NSA, Kim regularly participates in his own professional growth so he can do his best, to help you do your best.

  • You'll love his music! You may have heard some of the same points and techniques from other speakers, but not the way Kim shares them. You too will enjoy the way he skillfully uses his original music (guitar and singing) to emphasize key points, engage the audience and energize the message. Kim's music is an effective teaching tool - people pay attention, so they "get it," can "remember it," and can "use it" when needed. Kim's musical programs also show that learning can be fun.

  • Kim Is experienced - he's been giving presentations professionally for nearly 40 years, owned and operated his own speaking business since 1994, and presented to hundreds of groups and tens of thousands of people all over North America. He's always looking for personal growth and new ways to share new information and bring more benefits to you.

  • Kim is focused on outcomes and results for his audience - he wants his programs to help you and make a difference in your ability to achieve your goals and dreams. At a minimum you'll feel energized and more hopeful about your future, PLUS, you'll know some practical techniques to use in a challenging situation to keep you on track towards your goals, and minimize regrets.

  • Kim is flexible and resilient- many meeting planners have deeply appreciated how willing and able Kim is to "shift on the fly", modify plans, fill in unexpectedly at the last minute or otherwise accomodate a need or challenge. As a professional speaker, he can anticipate things that can go wrong and plan ahead, anticipating options and choices.

  • Kim customizes each program to each audience and incorporates the message into your mission, theme, goals, and members' issues and opportunities. He doesn't use a "one size fits all" approach; he'll listen and learn about your group, your agenda, your needs.

  • Kim tries to arrive early and stay for at least awhile after his programs to connect with people, and to help you find ways to apply ideas and information to your issues and opportunities. His goal is to offer you as much value as he can; Kim wants to do as much as he can for you during the time he's at your event.

  • Kim offers his promise of "Satisfaction Guaranteed!" If you aren't at least satisfied with the work he's done for you, you don't pay his fee.

  • Kim is easy to work with. Down to earth, easy to get to know and talk with. He listens. You have enough other details to tackle - you can be confident that he'll follow through.

And if these aren't enough, I also give you my promise that you will be at least satisfied with my services - or you don't pay my fee. Only out-of-pocket expenses such as airfare and other travel costs. This reflects my commitment to you that your investment is valued, and will be returned through quality service.

Call me today so we can start discussing your next event to see if my programs and style are a "good fit" and can bring value and benefits to you and your colleagues.

Presentations See & Hear Kim Clients & Comments e-Newz, Books, CDs F.A.Q.s About Kim

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