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Top 10 Reasons to Hire Kim Ratz as Your Speaker, Trainer, Singer, Songwriter:

"If you're like I was before I hired Kim, you're nervous about hiring a speaker for your group. Will people enjoy the speaker's presentation? Will the message and content have value? Will there be hidden costs? Will the speaker make me look good? Well, I hired Kim Ratz, and he made this important choice easy, fun, & effective, so here are my "Top 10 Reasons to Hire Kim":

10. Kim offers his promise of "Satisfaction Guaranteed!" If you aren't at least satisfied with his work and service, you don't pay his fee.

9. Kim is easy to work with, down to earth, easy to get to know and talk to. You have enough other details to tackle -- you can be confident that he'll be thorough and follow through.

kimratz adds music to all his programs to inspire people and help improve skills8. Kim arrives early and stays for awhile after his programs to connect with people, and help you find ways to apply his ideas and information to your issues and opportunities. He wants to help as much as he can while he's at your event.

7. Kim is flexible and resilient - many clients appreciate how willing and able Kim is to "shift on the fly," modify plans, fill in unexpectedly at the last minute, or accommodate a need or challenge. As a professional speaker, he can anticipate things that can go wrong and plan ahead, with options and contingencies.

6. Kim Is experienced - he's been operating his own speaking business since 1994, and presented to hundreds of groups and tens of thousands of people all over North America.

5. Kim customizes each program to each audience. He doesn't use a "one size fits all" approach; he listens and learns about Your group and focuses on Your mission, theme, issues, and opportunities.

4. Kim is focused on outcomes and results -- he wants his programs to help you achieve your dreams and goals, so he makes sure he covers practical skills you can use right away. PLUS, he's always looking for new and better ways to share his information and bring more benefits to you.

3. Kim is a professional -- he's not only a great storyteller who shares strong content, he does so in an ethical, professional and effective manner. As a member of National Speakers Association, Kim participates in his own professional growth so he can do his best, to help you do your best. He is truly a lifelong learner!

2. Kim is an expert - he's well known for his attitude of THRIVING, his resiliency and ability to manage his transitions during times of change, challenge and conflict, and especially known for his ability to build relationships with people. He excels in his content because he "walks his talk"; Kim models his points and can help you incorporate these strategies in practical ways that will work for you too!

1. You'll love his music! You may have heard some of the same points and techniques from other speakers, but not the way Kim shares them. You too will enjoy the way he skillfully uses his original music (guitar and singing) as a teaching tool -- there are STILL some song lyrics I can't get out of my head (in a good way!)."

- Jill Waters, Alaska Recreation & Parks Assoc. Conference Committee (1998)

(disclosure: In addition to being a client, Jill was also a collague and a friend. We were both directors of community education in Alaska in the 70s and 80s so knew each other for years, and she subsequently hired me in 1998 to help with the ARPA conference mentioned above, which was a group she continued to stay involved with even after retirement ... I had forgotten that she had written this letter to me (it was typed and mailed with a stamp! :), and found it , serendipitously when I was reflecting on her active, productive and joyful life after her passing last year, following a brave fight to recover from a devastating disease ... Everyone who knew this remarkable woman had the highest respect for her, which is why this letter means so much to me. - Kim)

Presentations See & Hear Kim Clients & Comments e-Newz, Books, CDs F.A.Q.s About Kim

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