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July is National
"Make a Difference to Children" Month

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Kim has been proud to sponsor this annual initiative since 2006 ...

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by Kim Ratz.

For leaders and meeting planners
who need an engaging presenter to
enlighten & motivate your team at
your next Conference or In-service.

In addition to sharing some serious skills to help you succeed even more in your important life roles and goals, my keynotes and workshops include stories and original songs to keep it fun and engaging. Each presentation is customized to ensure you and your team find ways to improve your:

  • Attitudes, Aptitudes & Actions in your job,
  • Teamwork, Customer Service, & Leadership,
  • Ability to positively influence others.

And here's my promise to every customer since I started in 1994:

You must be at least satisfied with my services or you don't pay my fee, only travel expenses. I'm proud to be able to state that 100% of my 500+ customers have paid me, and it's my intention to sustain that record!

"What led us to invite Kim to present at two of our annual conferences this year is he asks questions and listens, he pays attention to detail and customizes his programs so people can see right away how to apply his content to their jobs, and he gets to know attendees and listens to their stories and questions. That, and his awesome songs he wrote to sing our praises; very unique." - Lyn Peterson, Director, Student Transportation Assn. of Mass.

"One of many things I appreciate about working with Kim is his genuine concern for our needs and goals, and his attention to detail in the customized programs he brings to our team. He understands Head Start and early childhood very well, and his extensive experience helps him hit the ground running with very responsive presentations; our team really appreciates his sessions." - Bonnie Riedel, Director, Laramie (Wyoming) County Head Start

Kim Ratz, Speaker-Trainer-Troubadour-Author
Successfully sharing stories, songs and skills since 1994.